Sam  Raykhlin

About Me

Artist                                Oils, Acrylics, Pastels, Watercolors, Drawings

Sam Raykhlin is  a member in good standing of the Oil Painters
of America.

Sam Raykhlin was born in 1948 in Kiev, Ukraine. Drawing and painting since childhood, he graduated with honors from College of Arts in Kiev and then was accepted to the Art Academy of Ukraine.

After graduating he pushed a career as a designer, but continued painting as a freelance artist. Sam participated in many art and graphic design exhibitions of the former Soviet Union and is a recipient of many prestigious awards.

In 1997 Sam moved to the United States to further peruse his career as an artist. He currently lives and works in Atlanta, GA.

A great deal of Sam’s success is in his ability to effectively capture the mood of his subjects as well as memories of life’s moments. He does this with a masterful understanding of how different tonal values and colors react and resonate with one another to create a striking life-like effect. At the midpoint of his career Sam reached a high level of skill in nature, still-life, figurative and interior painting, but he felt that portraiture was his real passion. His portraits have an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy to them and successfully manage to capture emotions and environment.

Since Sam has been training most of his life paintings reflect a timeless approach reminiscent of the French impressionists as well as John Singer Sargent and Serov, two of his favorites. He enjoys working with pastels, watercolors and acrylics, but his preferred medium is oil. His works are imbued with traditional technique, yet his dynamic brushwork gives them a definitely contemporary look.